The Best Tailor in Bangkok

The Best Tailor in Bangkok
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The Best Tailor in Bangkok

Are you looking for the best tailor in Bangkok?

Well, the answer as to who is the best is a subjective one. But here at Thailand Tailors we have narrowed down the list of possible candidates for you. Our review process takes into account the history, expertise, fabric selection, customer service, and guarantees of the tailors. Those that we recommend have undoubtedly displayed a high level in each of our categories.

Browse our Platinum and Gold lists to see some of the best tailors in Bangkok. Read the reviews and decide which one would be the best for creating your new bespoke business suit, wedding suit, shirts, or any other item of clothing you desire to have hand made to your exact specifications.

Afterwards, come back, leave a review, and let us know who you think is the best tailor in Bangkok. By leaving your reviews, you can share your experiences and ensure the best tailors get exposure, while those who offer a sub par service are motivated to improve. Thailand Tailors will always keep you up to date on where to buy your next bespoke suit.

You can find a list of our recommended Sukhumvit tailors here –

And, a list of our recommended Silom tailors can be found here –

If you know a tailor we haven’t included, but you have had a positive experience, let us know and we will visit them to perform our own in-depth review. We understand that the bespoke tailoring experience is unique for everyone, and thus each person will have their own individual experience to share.

So, we hope our lists and reviews allow you to make an easier, more informed choice, and that you can find the best tailor in Bangkok for your own personal, specific needs.