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Stylish Suits For Hot Climates

Wearing a suit in hooter climates can present a challenge. Ideally it is beneficial to wear fewer clothes when you are somewhere with soaring temperatures, but for those of us who must present a professional and smart appearance for the workplace or in business meetings, in can often seem like an impossible choice. Below are some of the best ways to remain smart while avoiding excessive heat due to your clothing options.

Lighter Colour Palettes

Darker colours retain more heat and are inadvisable for hotter climates. It is still possible to wear neutral colours, but switch out the dark navy and charcoal suits for medium shades. The resurgence of brown as a viable option is also interesting as it allows for some fresh and modern combinations.

Separate Your Suit

Looking professional doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be dressed in an overly formal manner. By choosing a three-piece suit option you can pick and choose when you wear each option. A pair of smart wool dress trousers combined with a crisp fresh cotton dress shirt can still look smart while being heat friendly. If you require a quick change to a more formal look, simply add a vest option to complete the overall image. Alternatively, by pairing a lined sports coat with smart jeans and a smart polo shirt can provide a great look for weekend functions.

Choose Natural Fibers

For hot climates, cotton, linen and silk are great options. Natural fibers allow body heat to dissipate so you can breathe easily in the hot weather. Make sure your jacket lining is not made from polyester as synthetics keep heat trapped and will make you feel warm very quickly. Try to get linings made from cotton or silk, as they are far more breathable fabrics.

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