The formation of Steve & James actually began as far back as 1986, when Mr. Steve founded President Tailor at the renowned Indra Hotel in Bangkok. Recognised amongst his peers as a ‘master tailor’, Steve became famous for his detailed and stylish work. Not wanting to rest on his laurels, Steve made the move to Naraiphand Pavilion, known presently as the Gaysorn Tower, using the eponymously named Steve Tailor. During this time, Steve’s son, James, had also show significant talent much like his father had before, and was inspired to create his own bespoke tailor shop, James Collection, in the base area of his father’s shop. Both shops flourished and gained an enviable reputation for quality work over the following 17 years.

Upon his father’s passing in 2007, James made the bold decision to merge both of these successful businesses and relocate to the Amarin Plaza, a much more vibrant and trendier locale where they could truly expand. This amalgamation is known today as Steve & James, and is regarded almost unanimously as one of the finest bespoke tailors in the city.

To meet James, is, put simply, to meet a man who is meticulous when it comes to tailoring, business, and everything in between. His knowledge of the finer points of his craft are enviable and matched only by his razer sharp eye for noticing the smallest of details. Steve & James is a tailoring experience that promotes a feeling of authenticity, quality and integrity. New customers are welcomed, and appointments are preferred so that they can make sure all their focus and attention is given to their prospective clients. Customer care is paramount here, and with the offer of free lifetime alterations (hey, we don’t all manage to stay slim forever), Steve and James truly know how to win the trust of their clients, not only through exemplary quality, but also with a great after-sales service.

On the topic of quality, there is much that be said about what Steve and James have to offer. But, the mark of a true tailor is the lengths they will go to in order to provide the very best in quality materials, and how they implement them into their designs. Their store front is a suit aficionado’s dream, with a seeming endless supply of fabrics, colours and designs to choose from.  In order to ensure their garments sustain their lustre, Steve & James source their interlining and canvas materials from Germany, and their jacket sleeve lining proudly boasts 100% Bemberg from one of the leading suppliers in Japan.

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