Majestic Tailors has a great pedigree, having been initially established in 1962 by master tailor, Mr Gee. Although their current store is conveniently located just a few minutes’ walk from Nana BTS, Majestic’s original store was located in Korat and their main clientele were American soldiers and officers stationed there during the Vietnam war.

While Mr Gee is still active today, the responsibility for running the tailors has fallen to his two sons, Anand and Kevin. Their storefront today is more upmarket than your average tailors, with nice spotlights, ornate surroundings and Army memorabilia serving as a call back to their days in Korat. It is fair to say that Majestic Tailors operate on the higher-end of the scale when it comes to Bangkok tailors, and they boast an international clientele, many of whom have been regular visitors to Majestic for a great number of years. While prices also match their exclusive status, the quality of their work reflects this, and very few clients ever feel unsatisfied with the product they receive relative to the cost.

At a price point of around 10-12k, you can get an entry level basic wool suit, but once you access their more exclusive fabrics, the price obviously rises, but the traditional Majestic quality makes it well worth the outlay. With higher-end materials such as Vitale Barberis, there are a wealth of options for even the most discerning of clients. Majestic also have a wonderful selection of shirt available, starting off with cotton blends at 1,700 baht, you also have the option of fine Italian cotton fabrics with prices beginning at 2,500 baht. Browsing the range of fabrics is a great experience at Majestic Tailors. Their shop has a wonderfully traditional vibe, and you get the sense that a lot of great suits have been envisioned within this shop. With a spacious environment, clients are free to walk around without fear of impeding someone else or bumping into something; a stark contrast to many other Bangkok tailors who have small claustrophobic stores.

While Majestic Tailors does not venture into many other items of clothing beyond suits and shirts, this is not because of a lack of ability. Instead, Majestic is keen to focus on providing the quintessential bespoke tailoring experience and ensure the quality of their garments are second-to-none. One notable item they offer, however, is a fine selection of overcoats. For around 20,000 baht, you can purchase a half-length coat made from cashmere camel hair, with the price increasing as you move into full coat lengths.

One of the things that really makes Majestic stand out from many of their competitors in Bangkok is the consistency of their work, and dedication to providing a distinct and memorable bespoke tailoring experience. Aside from Mr Gee, Anand and Kevin, Majestic Tailors has a small number of staff members who have been working there for almost two decades. Consequently, regardless of who you happen to meet when you enter the store, you are guaranteed to meet someone who has the knowledge, experience and passion to ensure you are able to get the advice you require. The quality of their work is unparalleled, with some customers noting that their tailored suit from Majestic has lasted upwards of 10-15 years, without any notable signs of wear and tear.

It is fair to say that Majestic Tailors is one of the premiere options for anyone not only looking to purchase a quality bespoke suit, but also for those looking to experience first hand what it truly means to be led through the process of creating a suit, from measurements to final fitting. Trusted by industry leaders and diplomats, you are in good company at Majestic Tailors.

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10.30 - 20.30


10.30 - 20.30


Our Address:

110-110/1 Sukhumvit Road (Between Soi 4-6) South Nana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand


13.7421035, 100.5520097


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