While many tailors in Bangkok like to promote themselves as beacons of tradition, GMC Style instead is focused on being a sign of modernity, contemporary, and having a finger on the pulse of what is hot in the world of fashion. GMC was initially started in 1978, but has been owned by current owner, Chote, for the last 17 years where he has successfully expanded from just the one branch, to the five that exist today. Located in Amarin Plaza, GMC Style boasts a bright and classy storefront that is a pleasure to browse. They have well designed shop with plenty of lighting, TV screens displaying fashion shows, and numerous examples of the types of styles and fashion s they have now become famous for. GMC Style’s location is convenient, being just a short walk from Chit Lom BTS, a being in Amarin Plaza, there is also parking available in the shopping center’s car park.

As mentioned previously, GMC Style is adept at making suits that are both sophisticated and contemporary. They are trusted by many well-known celebrities throughout Thailand, thus exemplifying GMC Style’s status as a modern and fashionable tailor. The variance of their accessories is also extremely impressive, with their range of buttons, cuff links and other extras ensuring each garment can be fully customizable to the exact style and personality of the client.

Ladies bespoke suits

GMC Style offers an excellent range of suits, with the starting price at around 4,500 baht, rising up to 12,000 baht for suits that are made from 100% wool. For those looking to purchase a bespoke suit made from some of Italy’s most exclusive fabrics, GMC Style has a wonderful selection, including Cavani, Drago, Loro Piana and Dormeuil. All of GMC Style’s suits are made with a combination of accuracy, skill and flair. When it comes to jackets, all of GMC Style’s high-end suit options make use of Bemberg lining as standard, with high quality silk being used for the lower-end suits. GMC Style has some nice features available for its pants. For those that experience the common problem of their shirt becoming untucked constantly, it is possible to have an anti-slip elastic waistband included in the manufacturing of your trousers, thereby helping to keep your shirt in place as you go about your day. If you are looking for that classic three-piece suit, the consider purchasing one of GMC Style’s great waistcoats.

For shirts, GMC Style is certainly no lagging behind when it comes to options. For just 1,200 baht, you can get a quality shirt made from local cotton, that is made with care and skill. Moving up, there are options available for Japanese and Egyptian cotton shirts, and the every popular, yet high-end, Snowberry shirts which can cost around 3,000 baht…but the quality of the fabric is well worth the cost outlay.

Aside from the standard selection of suits and shirts, GMC Style also has a wide number of bespoke products available for purchase. If you are looking for a classy, yet trendy wedding suit or tuxedo, then you can certainly be fitted for one of those. Also, using the suit and shirt fabrics mentioned before, GMC Style is adept at creating stylish female suits that will certainly shine in the workplace.

Also, bringing back a classic that is now becoming more prominent in modern fashion, GMC Style produces wonderful bespoke overcoats made from high quality cashmere fabric. They have also partnered with a local shoe-maker to manufacture their own custom line of leather shoes and sneakers. They have a great guarantee whereby if you purchase a pair of GMC branded shoes you can return at anytime should you require any fixes made to the sole, something which should prove invaluable if you are wearing your shoes on a daily basis. All of GMC Style’s shoes are made from high quality leather and have a strong, yet light feel for the wearer, ensuring maximum comfort for your feet.

Mister International is a GMC customer

While GMC does not travel to many international locations, they do, however make frequent forays into Singapore, where they have many loyal clients who eagerly await each trip. Perhaps more telling, is the impressive number of repeat clients that GMC Style boasts. They are one of the most trusted tailors for local Thais, thus letting you know that they are a tailor that has great consistency in the quality of their work.

Overall, GMC Style is a great tailor if your looking for a brand that not only signifies quality, but also one that represents a contemporary feel that puts you at the forefront of what modern tailoring is capable of. You can rest-assured that GMC Style will provide you with only the very best, no matter what your budget may be.

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