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Before you even enter Charlie’s Design Fashion House, you are immediately impressed with the diverse array of styles and products on display in their shop window. You get a real sense that this is not simply a tailor, but also somewhere that truly embraces the world of fashion and design. 2019 marks their 30th anniversary, and you can tell that everything about their store is a true labour of love; from the wide range of fabrics available to the thoughtful, yet simple décor, everything suggests that this is a location that is home to one of the finest tailoring experiences in Bangkok.

Upon entering Charlie’s Design, you are greeted with a warm welcome and given space to acclimate yourself to the bright surroundings of the store. There is no immediate hard sell, no undue pressure to commit, instead, there is a casual atmosphere that exudes a sense of calm and knowing expertise on the part of the talented staff that work at Charlie’s.

Charlie’s Design has a wealth of experience that is matched only by the impressive range of products and fabrics that are on offer. From suites crafted from local materials to those crafted from the finest fabrics from Italy, there is a suit for just about everyone. They have a special section in their shop where they keep all their more luxurious fabrics, such as their Marzoni, Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zegna, VBC and Drago fabrics, and the selection on offer is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of customers. Furthermore, they also have a nearby warehouse where they keep even more fabrics, so choice will certainly never be an issue at Charlie’s Design. In addition to this, they proudly offer authentic Japanese Bemberg lining in their jackets, ensuring the finest overall quality.

Like most tailors, they offer a wide range of suits at varying prices. Understandably, if you are looking to purchase a suit using Italian cotton, or a similar standard of fabric, the cost is going to be a lot higher. That, of course, is to be expected and Charlie’s Design is very honest and upfront about the quality you are getting and how it relates to the price. Unlike some less reputable tailor shops, Charlie’s Design ensures that their customers are fully aware that their entry level suits are made mostly from polyester, moving up to poly blends, finally reaching the higher end wool suits and those that use quality imported fabrics.

When it comes to the bespoke tailoring experience, the one offered by Charlie’s Design is thorough and impressive. The initial conversation with the stylist is helpful as they guide you towards the best kind of suit for your needs, and one that matches your budget. They will happily look through catalogues and sample books with their clients, and also encourage customers to provide their own pictures if they have something specific in mind. In addition to this, they are only too happy to suggest that a particular style might not be best suited to the client, thus avoiding disappointment later when the client would no doubt feel unsatisfied by the end result. It is this honesty and dedication to customer service that truly warms me to Charlie’s Design.

Once you have made your design and fabric selections, you will then meet Mr Raj, the resident expert fitter of Charlie’s Design. With his keen eye and attention to detail, Mr Raj will meticulously take every required measurement with great accuracy, ensuring that the suit truly feels like it is made just for you. Upon completion of the suit, customers are invited back to test their new garment, and Charlie’s Design is dedicated to making as many alterations as required in order to fulfill their client’s needs.

Another aspect that I noticed, and was impressed with, is their range of bespoke shirts. Starting at 1,200 and going up to 3,000 baht, you can get yourself a well-made, easy to iron shirt. If you want something a little more, then they can make custom shirts using Italian or Egyptian cotton. These shirts have a nice feel to them, and they complement the professional work they do on their suits.

Charlie’s Design also has its own exclusive factory, which, at any given time, employs up to 50 dedicated craftsmen. This is another example of why Charlie’s Design can produce such great work in a relatively short period of time. This reputation expands beyond just Bangkok, and even Thailand. Many of their repeat customers, from far away locations such as the US, consider a trip to Charlie’s Design as the start of their holiday or trip to Bangkok.

Aside from making quality suits and shirts, Charlie’s design has another few interesting items in their product range that help to separate them from other tailor shops. They offer a great bespoke shoe service, where they take a cast of your foot, and create quality shoes made from fine leather. Speaking of which, another great addition is their range of leather jackets, ranging from motorcycle jackets to more casual offerings.

If you are looking for some other types of casual wear, far removed of the more traditional formal attire of the suit, Charlie’s Design also has a great bespoke jeans service. You can choose from many different styles, colours, buttons and even custom writing.

Charlie’s Design has earned its solid reputation through consistency, quality of fabrics and a dedication to ensuring each and every client leaves their store feeling satisfied. It goes without saying really, that choosing Charlie’s Design to get your new suit is a prudent choice and one that you will not regret.

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