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How to Buy the Perfect Suit

For those considering a new suit, remember that the quality of fabrics and the final fit are what determines the overall value you are receiving in your suit. In Bangkok, we have a number of great tailors, but here are some general buying tips to consider in order to help you find the suit that is perfect for you.

Learn the terminology

You will encounter various terms and phrases, such as ‘Custom-made’, ‘tailor-made’ and ‘bespoke style’…it should be known that none of these actually mean bespoke. So be careful not to be sucked in by flashy buzz words, and make sure you are paying for an actual genuine bespoke suit.

Consider your budget

Before you enter a tailor shop, think about what your maximum budget will be, and try to work in as much in terms of style and fabric choice into that figure. Also, something to remember, is that the tailor with the flashiest shop isn’t always the best. It should be noted that often tailors are covering up their own lack of technical skill, by blinding their customers with extravagant surroundings. Find a tailor with a passion for making quality clothing, and not one concerned with the interior design of their shop.


Another bit of research you can do is in the area of style choices. Obviously any decent tailor will be able to guide you in the right direction, but it never does any harm to try and understand what different options are available, and how they would complement the suit you are wanting to purchase. By having a better idea in your own mind, you can find some common ground with your tailor and hopefully end up with a suit that not only fits well, but also matched the image in your mind.

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