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Finding Value in an Expensive Suit

Generally speaking, it can be said that the more you pay, the better you should expect in terms of quality and style. In the world of bespoke tailoring this mantra also rings true. When we decide where to buy our next suit, which styles to choose and what fabrics we desire….we often make unnecessary sacrifices to stick within a budget. Here is why you should elevate your budget, and truly get a suit that ticks all the boxes.

  • Invest in good quality fabric.

It is impossible to get a great suit without using good quality fabric. It is simply the main attraction of the suit and a thing you should feel proud of. By skimping on the fabric, you are doing yourself a massive disservice and your choice will be obvious as the suit quickly looks old and worn. Try avoiding full polyester fabrics, and instead opt for some natural materials like wool.

  • Don’t forget what is inside.

What has been used inside the suit will have a large impact on its lifespan. Those that used glue will sadly notice bubbling after only a few cleans.

By using a stitched half-canvas or a full floating canvas enhances the overall quality of the suit.

  • Appreciate a better fit.

If you have opted for the cheapest tailor in town, and also picked from their own budget range, then don’t be surprised if the fit is just not up to par. A poorly fitting suit can also dramatically affect the longevity of the suit, as the constant pulling and adjusting while you wear it will cause the fabric to age more quickly.

  • Time shouldn’t be your primary concern.

Yeah, there are times where we have a pressing schedule, or require our suits be made before we go/return from a holiday. But, as with all things in life….quality takes time. A quality bespoke suit, with all the fabric choices, measurements and adjustments is not a thing to rush through. Instead, enjoy the process, embrace the attention that a quality tailor will provide and make sure you allocate enough time to allow the tailor to craft the best possible garment.

  • Experience is costlier, but noticeable.

Chances are, anyone who is offering suits at a much cheaper price will be passing on the work to less experienced, and often less skilled members of their team. This can also eat into your own time, as it takes longer to get correct measurement, longer for you to be satisfied with the fit…and ultimately, you will find yourself at a different tailor very soon, having learned your lesson about picking the most cost-effective option.

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