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Black Tie Dress Code? No Problem.

The purpose behind a black-tie dress code is that there is a certain uniformity, with everyone looking classy and elegant. Here is how to pull of the black-tie dress code with class and style. The Jacket It obviously a no-brainer that your dinner jacket should be black or midnight blue, with the lapel being peaked […]

Finding Value in an Expensive Suit

Generally speaking, it can be said that the more you pay, the better you should expect in terms of quality and style. In the world of bespoke tailoring this mantra also rings true. When we decide where to buy our next suit, which styles to choose and what fabrics we desire….we often make unnecessary sacrifices […]

How to Buy the Perfect Suit

For those considering a new suit, remember that the quality of fabrics and the final fit are what determines the overall value you are receiving in your suit. In Bangkok, we have a number of great tailors, but here are some general buying tips to consider in order to help you find the suit that […]

Update Your Wardrobe

Bored of the same outfits? Want to try out some new styles? Have a look at these ideas and see which ones work for you. Mix It Up One easy way to make an existing set of clothes feel new is the mix them up. While we tend to buy suits as one item, it […]

Modern Formal Attire

Keeping It Simple It is easy to forget what you originally planned, and instead get carried away when ordering a new suit. There is no need to ‘tick every box’ and overload your new suit with endless amounts of extras, such as tie pin, collar bar, pocket square or braces. Instead, it is time to […]


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