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Find the Best Tailor in Bangkok

If you take a look at Thailand Tailors’ Platinum and Gold recommended tailors, you will see many options that are all good choices if you are looking to buy a new bespoke suit. But, deciding which is the best tailor in Bangkok is purely a personal choice and can differ from person to person. We are going to look at some of the things you need to consider before choosing which Bangkok tailor will be making you next suit and shirts.


Bangkok is a large sprawling city, and even with the excellent BTS system, getting around can be nothing short of a hassle.   Have a look at our listed tailor pages and check out the GPS map at the bottom to see which one is most convenient for your hotel, office or home. In addition, many tailors will offer a pick-up service, and some even visit you at your own location.


If you are living in Bangkok, then this part might not be such an issue, but for businessmen, or tourists who are in Bangkok for a short holiday, then it is essential to speak with your tailor regarding how long it will take not only to make the initial suit, but also complete any necessary alterations. If time is a consideration, then perhaps look into which tailors have their own dedicated factories, as they can more easily accommodate tighter schedules. Just as in any field, though, the best tailors in Bangkok produce the best results when given time to create something special.

Personal Choice

While all of our Platinum and Gold tailors can be considered among the best tailors in Bangkok, there is always a chance you may not have the same experience as we did. This is not because that particular tailor is not good, but instead comes down to a clash of personality ands style choices. Most of the best tailor shops in Bangkok will have dedicated fashion advisors who will guide you through the process of selecting fabrics, suits styles, colors, button options, and many other features. It is important, then, to make sure that the person you are working with is able to help bring the suit of your dreams into fruition. There is no harm in visiting a few tailor shops and seeing which ones can present the best image of your suit.

So, when you are looking for the best tailor in Bangkok, there are a few options that you must consider before making a commitment. Remember that bespoke tailoring is a personal experience, and that finding the best tailor for you, might be totally different than what others require.

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